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Hazards and perils such as natural disasters and burglaries are unpredictable, and when they occur uninsured, they can drain your financial resources. Taking up an insurance policy affords you some peace of mind knowing that you will be compensated if an insured event happens.

Addax Insurance writes insurance policies for Texas residents. Our policies are tailor-made to meet your insurance needs and comply with the state’s legal precedents.

Here are our insurance coverage options:

Home Insurance

Home insurance pays to repair and replace the items in your home after a burglary or fire. Also, there is a liability coverage option available that pays to represent you in court in case the people injured on your property file legal proceedings against you. Further, while your home is being repaired, the additional expenses coverage option pays for your extra living expenditures for a specified period. These expenses include food and accommodation costs during the repair period.

Auto Insurance

In Texas, it is a legal requirement to take up auto insurance coverage for your car. The policy pays to repair or replace your vehicle after an accident or theft. The policy also has a liability coverage option that pays your litigation expenses if you are sued. If the court orders that you pay damages to the aggrieved party, the liability coverage option meets such costs.

Auto insurance also features a comprehensive coverage option that deals with non-accident perils such as theft and weather damage.

Commercial Insurance

Setting up a commercial venture takes time and immense resources. Losing such an investment to hazards such as fire or burglary can set any business back financially. Subsequently, your cash flows are affected, and your margins also dive. The reprieve, however, lies in taking up a commercial insurance policy. The policy has various coverage options such as the commercial auto insurance that covers the business’s vehicles. Also, there is the property insurance coverage option that insures the business’s property from events such as theft and fire.

Further, the commercial liability coverage option pays the business’s litigation expenses, in case it is sued by a third party. Finally, the worker's compensation insurance caters for the lost income and medical expenses of employees who are injured while at work.

Addax Insurance is committed to offering ideal insurance solutions in Texas. We work with industry-trained agents who will guide you in selecting the ideal coverage options for your car, home, and business. Visit our website today for a free quote on home and auto insurance; also, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our agents about coverage options that are available to you.